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Outdoor maturity

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I used to just judge it by he hairs, and what the growth was doing, smell and resin visible to naked eye.I don't really know about rules, because times have changed a lot in 20 years since my last grow. I just got a feel for it after a few seasons. I just grew selected bagseed and gifted seeds over many years.


All this "amber/ cloudy trichs" is new to me, but plan trying it out this season. Sounds like better system than I had. I one reason I like this site, learning many new things.

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I don't know if there are any hard and fast rules as such for outdoor maturity, but I reckon it would be hard to go past years of experience and familiarity with the strains you are growing.  In the meantime trich colour is a good guide. 


I vaguely remember reading something somewhere about the sun affecting trich colour differently to lights, I think it meant to go for a bit more amber than indoors for the same level of maturity but don't quote me on that.  I still just go for the same level of amber outdoors as in, and have been happy with the results.  I like to go for about 10% amber then flush for a week or 2 until about 50%.  But I do also combine this with other factors such as how the sugars in the shadies are getting used up and potential bad weather coming up etc.  So far, for me at least, I have been finding that they seem to take a bit longer in flower outdoors to reach the desired maturity level, but the better flavours from mother nature make it all worthwhile.

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As said there is no rule saying it has to be done now or then.


The more it matures the more u will have the couch lock feeling.


If you take early it will be more of a up high racy stone.


In the end it comes down to personal taste.


You can take a sample bud as well to see what it is like and go from there with harvest as well...

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