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How long to stay in a jiffy pellet?

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i find generally jiffys are good for 3 leafs

i then like to get em into a pot

i have never had a issue with the netting on a jiffy

roots will penetrate and grow strong and break the netting i notice

all the best


i been using jiffys for over 20 years

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I usually wait till i start seeing roots start poking out all over the place....

Never bothered with taking the netting off. I've not noticed any differences between a jiffy pellet and a little pot of coco when it come to vigour and growth. I do find it easier keeping little pots correctly hydrated compared to jiffy pots tho, and that can affect growth....

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I have noticed a difference in quality between jiffys purchased at the hydro shop compared to jiffys purchased from bigw.

The hydro shop ones, were bigger, became saturated quicker and the netting was easier to tear and peel off than the bigw ones. I have only used jiffys half a dozen times or so, so OP would be well suited to take the advice of Tig over me.


the last plant I pulled (cream caramel auto) was in a jiffy pelet where instead of peeling the whole netting off, I just unsecured the base, there was no lateral growth through the netting, all root growth appeared from the bottom of the jiffy, where I had undone the netting. unfortunatly, I cannot recall if the jiffy was a bigw one or a hydro shop one.

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