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Whats going on here, Is it just a different strain or is it changing?

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Ok so some of you who have seen my grow diary will have seen some pics of my 3 plants, the 1 that went hermie ( which is a thread on here already ), and the other 2 who are females...At least i think they are.. They are all the same age, aprox 65 days into flower... anyway ive put some photos below with flash on and off i dunno if it can help you guys see what happening, maybe im just trippin balls?

So heres the story -

P1 :

Has alot of nice bud sites and is slowly yellowing off as i stopped nutes and will be harvesting probably on day 70 of flower, However i have recently found about 5 seeds on this plant, it was by accident when i was taking pics i was moving some of the buds around and a few fell out, I cant see any actual Hermie activity or ball sacks though..


post-53712-0-00066800-1403372788_thumb.jpg post-53712-0-83692000-1403372803_thumb.jpg post-53712-0-38764500-1403372830_thumb.jpg post-53712-0-14079300-1403372853_thumb.jpg


P2 :


This is the one im worried about...To be honest i dont know if this even has proper buds on it....The lower smaller popcorn sites look like proper bud, and it used to look like a proper female but the top big ones have since changed and look just weird, its kind of hard to explain but i just know it looks different to P!, im not sure if its dying, or going hermie, or if its just another strain of bud, i stopped nutes the same time as the P1 and this one is not yellowing off yet, it also has these little weird yellow banana looking things, is it pollen ? both plants are bagseed to and are the same age.

post-53712-0-92539000-1403372871_thumb.jpg post-53712-0-38773600-1403372887_thumb.jpg post-53712-0-12276300-1403372922_thumb.jpg post-53712-0-37493100-1403372954_thumb.jpg


edit : also got a picture of my 3 new vegging plants that have some weird marks on the leaves.


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Thanks guys, Both hermie plants have already gone. I ended up harvesting them all. got 2.5oz out of the first one, and 3.5oz out of the second one after picking out all the seeds and removing bud from stem properly too, As i did before i donated all of it to a few mates who say it gets em stoned just like any other bud they have had lol. However, both plants were female to start with and the first one went hermie with 1 month left before harvest, and the other one only had a few weeks before going hermie, so they were still mature enough to smoke i think.

If i ever get a hermie really early on into flower then i kill it, but ide say if you past the half way mark in flower mode and it goes hermie, i would just move it to another tent / area, dry it out and smoke / sell it like you would any other plant, after seeing how good my hermies were i would never think to just kill it or throw it, that is money down the drain, unless of course your growing commercially and throwing a grand or two worth of plants away doesnt matter, but to me it does :P

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