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availability of strains in Australia

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Hi All,


long time lurker, first time poster. I have a question about availability of different strains in Australia. Currently, my suppliers can only tell me it's weed they're selling me, nothing on whether it's indica or sativa etc.


My question is this. Without looking for hookups, as I don't want to fall foul of the forum rules, how/where can I get access to bud that has more information than simply "weed"? For now, growing is not an option for me. So I'm wondering if anyone else has been able to gain access to dealers who know what they're selling?


I realise this is really a luxury of those that live in jurisdictions that have legalised already, but I can still wish.




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Yeah unfortunately that kind of system just doesn't work over here, street level dealers don't give a rats arse what they are selling as long as they sell it, and by then the supply chain could even start in another state with some massive warehouse grow then split up into smaller packs and distributed everywhere, not like they are going to label it or anything :P


I've asked before and i know that my weed i buy from my guy goes through at least 3 different hands before it gets to me, it just doesn't work.


so unless you grower a known strain yourself or know a grower/seller that sells 'personally' and is a bit of a connoisseur you have bupkis chance of finding out the strain.


good luck!

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Historically, I think Australian cannabis has been mostly referred to by the location that it is grown, for example, Mullumbimby madness or PNG gold. generally though we used to just name it by its grow location without the added buzz word (The most devastating ganja I have ever smoked was simply known as Kyogle. we got it for about 3-4 years before it ended),. pre-mid 90's it  was not to uncommon to be given some indication of at least wether it was imported or local, hash was often sold b y name.  These days though, it doesn't really happen, the big bush grows are a thing of the past I am afraid. And along with the big bush grows went a lot of that culture of understanding the green we were smoking. factories can pump out buds in 3 months these days. Where previously a grow was a once a year big deal, that was all hard work and passion, with loads of ways to fail. The commercial growers these days often have no interest in the ganja itself, more what money they can make out of it.

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Me 2.  i just wanna grow in my backyard without having to hide like some bad guy.  I ain't no bad guy.  2 grows.  indoor one and outdoor one.  Hope.


Peace and hope you find what you need.  I asked a few times.  they just get all suss, like 'why do you want to know, it'll get you high', or 'its hydro', or 'its bush'...no specifics.  gotta say the last half I purchased ($125) probably was the best value smoko I have ever bought (i've only been smoking diligently since about 2009 when my legs pretty much gave up the ghost).  I reckon he was a personal grower, just gettin rid of a bit, mighta needed a new fan or somethying but very nice-not commercial, little fluffy bought a 50-50 sat ind in effect, lovely aroma...anyway lol

peace to yas

faith :sun:

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i know it sounds silly but im planning on that day coming around. i will quit my job and start growing professionally within the law, i wouldnt mind having a dispensary but for me the growing and breeding is the direction i would like to head in. i may well be very old and grey by the time it happens but i will be ready, those that get in first when it does eventually happen will stand to make a lot of money if they do it right.

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