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Does low wattage lights = low potency weed?

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Hey Boohiss,

What size is your space

The light size/strength has an impact depending on the size of your grow space. For example if you have a 3mx3mx3m room there is no way 250watt would cover that sort of area. I say 3mx3mx3m cos that's the size of mine and Ive got 4x600hps.

As K-9 says genetics is going to have a huge impact. Start with good genes end with good smoke, start with shit end with shit.

As for your results, well, we'd need a bit more information. Feed strength is a big variable, too weak and the plant will decline, too strong and the plant will decline. pH is another big issue, again too high or low and you get nute lockout. This too will cause the plant to decline.

What sort of system are you running, Run to waste (RTW), recirc, hand watering. What temps are your space and your fluids at? What fans are you running? Intake? exhaust? circulation fans?

All these things and a few more can have a huge impact, let us know, we maybe able to help.



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