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Drying & Harvesting troubles

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Hey guys, so i decided to harvest a branch of my OG Kush and try to dry properly so I don't mess up the rest next week when i harvest it all. Now the problem is that some of these smaller branches only have small bud sites so they seem to dry super quick. They literally get crispy and flakey before the stem even snaps and seems to be within 36 hours. I've seen most people take a few days at least to dry them and wait until they snap.


Should i only dry then for like 24 hours and not let them go super crispy? 

Here is a pic to help show the size. There are tonnes of these little branches on it which i don't want to waste.





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Theres a drying and harvesting section in Cannaversity mate, well worth a read.

Slow drying, in a cool , dry area....... no heat, and if you circulate air, don't let it blow directly on them.

The crispy is only on the outside, inside be wet as. Will take at least a week to dry properly, I do mine for 2 weeks, then jar and burp daily for 2 weeks more.



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