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Sick of measuring nutrients for outdoor plants ! ADVICE!?!

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Ok guys ive got three plants outdoor in coco/perlite mix....

i am SICK to death of everyday filling up 4L water containers for every plant that I have and carefully measuring out nutrients (a+B) and then adding cannazym  and then adjusting pH.... its taking a good 45 mins everyday.... to do all this and its getting to me....

I will finish these plants the way that im doing it...

I have 5 more autoflowers about to go outdoor as we speak and this time around I do not want to do this method again.. Ive been doing it for years with excellcent results, thats why I keep doing it I guess..

problem is I have five x 50 LItre pots full of coco and perlite....

So what do i do? there must be something I can add within the coco and perlite to automaticcaly adjust the PH in the pot.... my tap water sits at 8 PH!!!..

I would love to just get a container , like 25 litres and add the disrered teaspoon to the big bucket of nutrient with my ph of 9 and just water... Its easier that way but however I do not want to sacrifice my plants to become crap and stunded as ive never done this before....

Some guidance would be great... of what I should do? those 50L bags of coco that Ive already filled up were $30 each so hopefully I can use them with these new autoflowers.....




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Is there a specific reason you are using a 4 litre container? Do the plants get a different feed each?


If they are taking the same feed, why not mix it all up together (ie make 12 litres up in one go) and then give each plant 4L?


Some of the growers here mix the nutrients up in a larger reservoir and then feed it out over a few days (air stone in the nute res, check and adjust the pH daily). I don't know how well it works as I do like you and mix fresh nutrients before each feed...

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Always used the 9 liter green bunnings watering cans here . Two or three at a time wouldnt take more than 10 minutes for 50 liters worth . Or others have said make a res which you can fill you cans up with.


Whats not to enjoy about it is the real question lol


Get into it ;)

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I understand where you're coming from smokdit.  For me its alot to do with time but more to do with keeping discreet when the kids are up and about the place.  acouple coco plants in the closet just about is enough mixin and stuff or I'm down there all night an the girls (eldest in hs now) is getting where she can actually think and reason lol -  mos the time lol  so more than say 1/2 hr and i start to get antsy and jumpy-mistakes get made and i feel like a turd for spending too much time downstairs. 

So I've been practicing with soil with some bagseed and some of the shipload of seeds that got made last grow :facepalm:  cos I missed an hermie-cos I felt under pressure with being downstairs alot and well....yeah


So I got a couple in potty mix instead of the coco- dechlorinated water (I let it sit in 8-(L buckets for a day or so, then have got my ph down pretty sussed for plain waterand its 50ml down to get me to 6.5 ish maybe a l;ittle lower (I am using flairform drops cos my china pen died) so I get it a nice light greeny for the dirt and away-takes about 10 15 min at most, once, maybe twice a week so that saves a lot of time and I am really getting into the soil making and all the org-ie stuff-feel less like a scientist and much more natural.  For the cupbard i fill one of bunnings 10L jerry cans (got a tap for like 3-4 buck as well and once at the most most twice a weekit will take me 30 min sor so, depends if I am heavily medicated...sometimes I tend to linger and gaze.


Because you have heaps of coco and massive big pots (compared to mine)  I reckon what other OzStoners have been saying about a big drum or something?  The tap is handy :thumbsup:


Wow I rambled soz mate but yeah, larger quantities of mixed nute in a big res or drum and/or try the soil/potty mix.  I have just mixed in some seamungus toward the bottomeof the pot and rocket fuel and horse/cow manure ground up a bit with a brick mixed through it. 


I hope I wrote something half relevant :bonghit:


Peace Smokditup and hope it works out for you. f :sun:

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