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can you save a plant that's been snapped in half?

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If it is a clean snap that has the stem separated in two you may be able to place the top section in another pot and it could take root and you would have two plants.

If the top is just kinked over, I would leave it be and it will form a knuckle at the break/bend and will eventually start growing upwards again. The bottom section should be ok.

Pictures or a better description of size, strain etc would help.


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Yes it's just severely kinked over, snapped was an exaggeration.

Thanks for the info! I've tied it to a stake for extra support and hopefully it will recover, if not will try to clone with the top section if it's not too late.


It will recover, given at least a week or two. Get 2 popstickle sticks, and put them then around the area where its broken to provide extra support. As long as the 2 ends are connected, the plant will form a knot and coating over the area to protect the stem and begin recovering, pretty fast too. It also makes the plant a lot stronger, because that "knot" (the area where it snapped) will heal over and allow more nutrients & water to pass up/down it, it's an extreme training method and used by quite a few.


Once its all healed (1 week - 2 weeks) the top of the plant will grow like crazy.

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