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not learning anymore

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cannabis limiting factors 



20 years of swamp weed, i would never grow any other way, its really set and forget, because you dont need to water, most seasons are 5 visits in a 9 month grow cycle, have not been ripped of in 23 years, and with all the water they can drink, ive never seen growth rates like it, with raised mounds heaps of fert and per lite the growth is as good as it gets, when male pulling time comes just halfway through growth cycle, to see plants so far above my head, with total neglect, really is jaw dropping stuf, the limiting growth factors i have learned are

1-- a very aerated mix, this is the main difference in my a pinion  between a good or bad mix, the more air to the roots, the better.

2--constant food supply, a long time ago i learned to use 1 third fast release to 1 third medium release to third slow release, if you use all of these, there is a constant supply of nutes from day 1 to harvest..

3-ph depending on PH, between 9-12 hand fulls of dolomite lime per square meter, this holds the PH and gives a steady supply of MG, all though the growth cycle,

4-with the mix taken care of the other limiting factor is tying everything down, the more growth horizontal growth the better, so every plant and,branches tyed down in a horizontal position, tye every thing you can down.

for many years research has tought me the 1- 4 factors are all the factors you can tweak, , i always thought they were all,the limiting factors,, what i mean if there's constant supply of nutes good sized raise mounds and that much per lite added it would be stupid to add more per lite continual supply of water and the right PH, , with the exception of added PK with the onset of flower, and PK rich fert added when removing males,  most seasons the rain starts around march, so most time added PK gets watered in on time, for flower, with all the supplements and hydro additives on the market, is there still room for improvement for a isolated crop, i have tried some products canalizm root sonic and beneficial bacteria, hope i spelled those right, but just cants see or tell if they make a difference, is there now ways to improve a old school grow with these new hydro additives,,they seem directed at hydro, but are there now more factors to increase a guerrilla grow these days

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Wouldn't waste ya time with hydro additives mate, most of them are just marketing BS. If you've got ya groove on in soil chances are that adding chem ferts or even some organic additives might mess with the balance of microbes in the soil.


The cannazym and benneficials are mainly aimed at hydro/coco grows in an attempt to put some "natural goodness" back into the shitty chem fert grow. You've already got that stuff covered with in your natural soil mix.


Could try adding some worm castings, azomite, fish emulsion, seewed extract etc to the mix to really get it cranking but it sounds like you've got it pretty dialled in man. Don't forget composted animal manures and mushroom compost too.


Are you growing in Aussie swamps or banjo twanging everglades kinda swamps ?


Edit : might be hard for a gorilla grow but you could do some compost teas which utilise benefical soil microbes or make some comfrey teas which apparently add heaps of goodness to your plants. I've been running compost teas on my veggie garden this year and it's cranking.

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ford fairlane yea about a month ill take some more pics, i really try not to go there, i stopped getting ripped of when i stopped attending the sites regularly, every time ya go there theres a chance you could get seen, stoned ofroad i was sort of thinking that, i really couldn't see any difference using them, i was sort of hoping to gain a bit of interest trying something different, use to love growing but it just seems like repetitive stuff that turns into nothing but hard work and paranoia come harvest time, one thing for sure this year ive never seen so many snakes in my life, before this year id see a snake or two per season, this year seen 7 just on my way in, the most scarry thing happened, i went to leave and there was a tiger snake in the way out, it wouldnt move so i pocked it with stick trying to get it to move, so i could leave, wouldnt move it, was dead,l after looking closely at it, it was very fresh, but its head was flat end, i never seen it on my way in, and stepped on its head, and killed it on my way in, thinking about it after, how fuc#ing lucky was i, to tread on its head, it a 5ft snake, i didnt see, and i was lucky to step on the right end, any other foot placement it would of tagged me for sure, how fuc#ing lucky is that, i was so paranoid waking out, i was walking head first into spider webs, with spiders walkig down my face, it didnt bother me at all, i was so fuc#ing shit scared all i wanted to do was look for snakes, normaly spiders freak me out, shit man i gota do something else 

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Hey Mate, whoa super lucky indeed(thats scary) Im an outdoor grower also. Great info and thanks for sharing, Im intrigued to learn more about how you grow and see the results. I mean seriously if your growing gorilla and you have a track record of 20years not being ripped or hardly ever having your crop discovered thats definitely impressive, Bravo.
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