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First grow. Looking good?

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Hi, new to this forum. This is my first grow. Growing in soil and perlite under 300 true watt led and 130 watt cfl, the strains are ghs great white shark and dna genetics choc fondue.

They are 2.5 weeks into flower. How do they look to the more seasoned growers? Will take some more pics tonight.





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Hi Oskie,    welcome!!


                 just out of curiousity ? what brand./model number is your LED


                  what is your reason for choosing LED over HPS? .. why did you add the CFL?


                  how long did you vege for,? assuming they arnt autos?? 





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Hi Vape4life,


The led is a mars11 5w diode led from ledlg solutions it draws around 310-320 watts. I added the cfl due to the foot print being small for how close I have it to the canopy to assist light up the sides of tent.

I had lots of problems with this grow (1st grow) i lost a lot of seedlings and took these babies around 4 weeks to get to 5 inches high lol, so around 6 week veg. Flipped 12/12 3 weeks ago and started seeing flowers appearing 2 weeks ago.

I have a 400hps but was running into heat problems so an led was the only option. Even with the led my temp is 28 degrees lights on.


I think my next grow I will purchase the mars11 led that draws 750 watts for a bigger more powerful footprint.


I might do a grow log so everyone can see what these led can or can't do. Cheers



Sorry, yes correct not autos :)

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