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the first time I tried salvia was amazing and I have recently wanted to do it again, as it is now illegal here I was wondering if anyone knows of any sites to buy it from that have a higher success rate of getting it through to Australia, or if anyone has a plant and could send me a curling? I'd pay for the shipping of course.... Edited by matt1208
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I have tried that once before, and that was enough!!! :P


I bought it from ''happy high herbs'' in Fitzroy, Victoria. I don't know if its still available. It was under the name 'diviners sage x5'


Anyhow, I never really believed in true hallucinations, till I had one bong of that stuff......


Probably 30 seconds after the hit, I was trying frantically to unwrap myself from this rainbow coloured latex type shit that was consuming my body! HARDCORE stuff, lucky it doesn't last long :D

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yeah illegal in all parts of australia, although many people have plants / cuttings, very hard to grow from seed, clone cutting is the best way.


ordered some a few years back - not even though silk road then.


but yeah tripppppppy stuff man be prepared for a wild one, but also respect it - very powerful, you should even have a sitter or minder watching you so you don't trip too much cause people act out under this stuff.


doubt you could buy from any shop nowadays unless it's 'under the counter' or you know them, still hard to get into the country as well like any substance.



stupid thing is in the states (california) you could buy the stuff over the counter at a tobacconist! 

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I'd love to hear about what people experienced on it?


This is mine:

We had just gone to this persons place I had never met. I was sitting in a chair when I had the cone, nothing, then maybe 5 secs later my vision started going funny, like in a pool and your eyes are at water level.

Next thing I realize people voices changing and I feel like my body is pulling to the right and down towards the floor and everything was getting dark.

I can remember thinking that this is what dying is! I start thinking nah fuck that im not dying here and manage to stand up. I look around and half the people have a scared look on their face, and half are cracking up laughing (the ones I knew :P)

I look down at the floor and it looked like my feet were sticking to the surface and peeling up the tiles a bit everytime I moved them. Thats when the colour of the tiles which were kind of a pinkish colour started to pretty much cover my shoes and start wrapping around my legs and up my body. By the time it got to my chest I was spinning around trying to unwrap myself from it. 

I think one of my friends grabbed me and kind of snapped me out of that, cause next thing I know hes telling me to have a drink (he always carried a drink bottle everywhere). So I have a drink and he starts laughing his head. I get it in my head that he has just given me more of the diviners sage and start to freak out and trying to spit any remaining liquid on this person ive never mets floor. I even stuck my hand In my mouth and scraped my tongue a little. no long after that I got enough sanity to slowly recover.


So if like to have to fight for your life I think you might like this. :D


I obviously had a bad trip, but you guys seem pretty keen. Definitely an experience though, gave me great respect for drugs, and the fact your brain can make you see, feel, hear, anything.

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