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Plants recognise relatives


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Hi everyone,


So I was reading the pub ammo in ZOO magazine today and it say's "plants are able to recognise their close relatives and grow less aggressively when surrounded by "family members"" not sure how true this is though.

Thought I'd just put it out there.

Btw anyone here ever tried to make a solar led grow setup?


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I reckon that sounds about right, for some species anyway.


These dudes in the 70's did all sorts of experiments on plants and found heaps of trippy stuff like what you described. They made a book and a movie, Stevie Wonder even did the theme song for the film. It's called the Secret Life of Plants. (Not the Attenborough one private life of plants). Check it out on youtube if you can find a good version of it, its pretty out there but way cool.

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Most plants communicate with their own species and lots can pick up on the signals others give out.  Their languages vary from things like odours, chemical signals, using bacteria in the soil, etc.  We've really only just started scratching the surface and already found things that have made us question stuff like is a brain required for decision making, if plants can feel without a nervous system,  etc.  Its truly an amazing subject to study that has largely been ignored since the dawn of time so the next 50 years are going be awesome.   We'll go from basic knowledge like the smell of freshly cut grass being a stress signal to working out how to use that knowledge to our advantage.   There might be little tricks discovered like keeping a sacrificial plant in the garden which gets mutilated over a week or two during early-mid flower to induce a stress response like extra trich production in the rest of the plants.  Something like that might only work if the plants share root space or something though which is what makes everything so exciting.  We have no idea what to expect, how to react, etc.  Its simply a pure search for knowledge in an untouched field with almost unlimited potential :)

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