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Preserving hash in bees wax?

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What are your guys thoughts on preserving hash in beeswax??
Im planning on making a bit of hash at the end of the season and was thinking if it was an option to make the typical homemade silk screen hash then coat it in a layer of bees wax to keep it fresh, and also as a stealth method.
Because the wax and hash are at different levels of consistency i think they may be separable..
Whats the average shelf life of your average hash anyway???

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Hey Faker,

I make my own 'silk screen hash'. I press it into blocks.  it makes some nice little pucks, weigh about 1.5 grams


These blocks are solid, in fact so solid that I can not break a piece off the block by hand to smoke, I use a nutmeg grater to grate what I require from a block for my joints. Due to the fact it is so compressed the oxygen can only react with the outside surface of the block. I have a fair collections of hash, some of which would have to be more than 10 yrs old but it still does the job lol


As for storage, I use cigar tubes  They are 100% light proof and easily concealed.


I also use pH test strip containers, again these are light proof and sealed


Not sure about the beeswax reacting with the oils in the hash tho, It might be worth doing an experiment.




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