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Those Furry Bastards!

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Why is life an eternal struggle??


I woke up this morning all hyped up to go and look at the progress of my 1 to 3 day old seedlings......As i entered my shed and took the cover off my grow chamber i realised something was up!!

all my rockwool was bare and there were signs of a struggle in my soil tank(was tryin in the soil and rockwool).

Some filthy little rodent had pilfered my seedlings....i found all the seed casings behind the chamber,but that was all.............


I have become so disheartened that i have decided to start my 3 week old on its buddin cycle......


How many others have had this problem?


Don't worry that little rodent has just made itself an enemy,

it aint gettin away with it!

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do you reckon the little sucker will die? He ate a few mouth fulls of rockwool too....If i catch him it will be much worse!!

No, but even if he does another will just take his place, you'll need to seal your grow room against such intruders.


I have more seeds just none that are garanteed.....back to the old plant and hope system....

Yeah, all you can do is plant them and hope for the best, as long as you get a crop going, that's the important thing at the moment, keep us posted. :P



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I cant believe it!!!! :P


I hung my new gemination tray from the ceiling so it was supended in air.

When i went out to check on them they were all gone!!!! :P


The little biach/es must have climbing equip!!!!


they/it actually dug up all the soil in the tray to find the seeds.....maybe i've gotten them/it addicted???:P :D


Does anyone know of a flying insect that eats seeds coz i cant see how they/it got into the tray...unless they/it free fell from the roof rafters...about 4ft....and then another 4ft drop to the floor...


i'm down to my last 10 seeds or so....I heard putin glad wrap or the like over the germ tray(tarerium style) so it sweats is good for the seedlings...

Is this true? :mellow:

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