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Tip: Seed Germination & Mediums

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Seed Germination & Mediums

Author: Awol/CoA

Created: 19/4/04

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There are many choices and options you can make when picking the medium to use for seeds.

Hopefully this guide will make your choice easier and help you understand the different mediums

which are readily available at the majority of Nurseries and Hydro Shops.


Rockwool Plugs:

Whilst Rockwool plugs are small in size, they are a good medium to use for sprouting seeds,

one reason being that they don't contain large amounts of water, thus allowing some air to penetrate

the root of the seed once it has sprout, it also can be a down-fall because you need to check on it regularly

and make sure it is moist. After 2-4 days after the seed has sprouted, you will quickly need to place the

rockwool plug into a more permanent planting medium.


Rockwool Cubes:

These are the most common used medium for sprouting seeds with hydroponic growers.

They contain more water and air if soaked and used properly. You can also leave a seedling in them longer

the Rockwool plugs, which make more ideal. Due to there size and capacity to hold a decent amount of water,

the cubes can become cold and you'll need to keep them in a warm place, such as a dome under a warm light.

Some cubes come with holes for inserting seeds and cuttings, if not, you'll need to make a hole approximately

1-2 centimetres deep, a hole this deep will give sufficient support to the stem of a young seedling until the

cube has been placed in a more permanent medium.


Jiffy Pots:

This type of growing medium isn't the best to sprout seeds, if not soaked correctly, it can become water-logged,

and once again if not soaked correctly, it dries out quickly and can decrease your chances of successful germination.

Since this is not an ideal germination medium, I will not go further into the product as I do not recommend this, period.


Potting Mix:

This is ofcourse one of the most natural method of germinating seeds. It's simple and can be highly effective.

You should use a pre-fertilized mix so you will not have to feed the seedling for 2-3 weeks once it has sprouted.

It's best to use a small pot with a decent amount oof drainage holes in the bottom, also it's ideal to place a piece

of mesh at the bottom to prevent the potting mix from moving to much around the seed and disturbing it,

it is also best to use a small pot to make it easier and less stressful for the seedling when transplanting into a larger pot.

Different potting mixes require variable amounts of water, so keep the soil moist but not wet, the best way to

test this is to place your finger roughly 5cm deep into the soil. If using this medium, plant your seeds 3-4cm deep.



Dirt, just like Jiffy Pots, it is also not an ideal medium for germinating seeds. It can contain very little amounts of

nutrients and can also contain to much of a certain nutrient, but this is dependent on the area you live in.

Dirt also can hold to much water or nut enough. The fine particles of dirt mediums when watred do not allow for

enough air in the medium. Your success with dirt is all dependent on the weather, if weather turns bad and is

either windy or there's heavy rain, or the sun is shining bright and it is hot, your seed or seedling will not have

much chance of surviving. If you pick this type of medium, place your seeds 2-5cm deep.


Tips & Info:


Always make sure the medium you use is moist to the touch, never drench it and allow it to dry out completely.


When using mediums such as Rockwool, after the first soaking use a spray to lightly mist the soil and leaves.

Never water directly, once you have drenched the medium, you will have to squeeze the excess water out,

which may also squash the seed and potential roots.


Never pull the husk of a sprouted seedling, you may damage the membraneinside the seed which could still be

connected to the newly growing leaves. If you think the new leaves are trapped in the husk, spay it gently with

water using a fine mist until it comes off naturally.


Do not water directly onto the seed or seedling, you will disturb any newly forming roots and could cause death.



Happy germinating...

Edited by Awol/CoA
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just wondering if u can help me . just bought a setup 4 cupboard . and im using grow wool. .let me explain . there cubed and have a centre bit missing . the guy at the shop told me to put the seed in the hole and thats it . it will grow in the woool for the lenght of its cycle CORRECT OR NOT
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Yep, that is correct...


Soak the cube really well, give it a good squeeze to drain away

the excess water. Then just put the seed in the hole and squeeze the

wool over the hole. Make sure no light gets into the hole, otherwise the

seed won't have much chance of growing because the light will burn the

roots...It's as simple as that, once you've done it once, you'll never forget.


Happy growing mate...

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only tip I can add is to soak the cubes overnight before use in water adjusted to 5.5 ph.


the guy at the shop told me to put the seed in the hole and thats it . it will grow in the woool for the lenght of its cycle CORRECT OR NOT


I read this 2 way and one way is wrong :P, it will be ok until the plant is ready to go in to the ground or medium etc, But it wont do the plant for the full cycle of flowering etc,

Edited by Ferenge420
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