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Could this be mould?

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Hey guys, just got this weed last week and I noticed today that there is white stuff amongst the bud that I personally have never noticed before and Im now worried its mould. It doesn't smell bad, although the weed itself doesn't smell much at all and I can't say Ive noticed any weird taste although I haven't tucked into the suspect bud yet..


What you guys reckon?






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Looks like mold, Might be something the grower has sprayed on it to add weight.


I wouldn't smoke it if you got other bud,

you should be able to get a lighter or flame and burn most of the mold off.


It will come back depending on how you store it, but that should get rid of most of the mold for smoking.

If the bud is moldy to the core, I would throw it away.


Cyclone -

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Mouldy weed doesn't smell? Both times I've come across mould when burping jars I've smelt 'mould'. The worst were buds which had suffered mould while still on the plant (removed all and dabbed the crater sob sob left in the bud with alcohol.......bloody hell that was a devestating year :smile:). It was the grey mould which begins in the core of the bud, evil stuff. The other some surface mould which looked similar to your pic but agree with Matanuska that could also be gleaming, white trichs.....a mic would help you there. I certainly wouldn't throw it out especially as it smells fine. Remember that we breath and eat lots of different types of mould spores everyday, all the time. Crikey all my life we've scraped/cut mould from the surface of stuff and eaten it (smell is more important than appearance). Get rid of the mould, smell it and let your nose tell you whether to eat or smoke it.  If it's mould on your bud I'd scrape it off, maybe an alcohol swab for good measure, give it a zap in the microwave, then ideally pop it in a jar/plastic bag for a few days just to make sure it doesn't grow back, break up the bud to check the core for mould too and then smoke it I say :smile:.

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Thats mould there .

I  only saw  mould  like that when i was buying commercial crap . I think it is never dried properly then gets shoved into a plastic bag (perfect enviroment for it ) , it has little or no odor . Looks like the same mould that grows of old bread .

Its not that rot/mould  which fucking smells bad . Never seen from jars but i have had bud rot before and its pretty  funky .


 Either way its not good for you :declare:

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