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clone issues

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heres my clones

all been fed the same


the domina is reveging

the lsd and lsg are starting to show issues





have been feeding hydro nutes

my 1st feed was well to high 0.8 ec ph 5.8

tonight i made a batch of flush water

7 ltr water

3ml nitrozyme

3ml seasol

5ml alaskan pure

120ml of mixed flower nutes

total ec 0f 0.4 i set ph at 5.8

medium is 100% way to grow coco

425ml cups

shares 600w hps at night then sunlight by day

water going in at 5.8 coming out at 6.1

flushed 1.5ltr threw each cup tonight

changed ph to 5.6 after 1st 500ml feed and no change to the run off ph

just wanna nip this in the bud before it gets outta hand

been so long since i grew im a bit rusty on diagnosing issues

all help appreciated

am getting GT coco grow and bloom this week for them

if i have left anything out please ask


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Im no expert and i am mostly a guerilla grower, but i start reg seeds indoors choose a mother then clone to take outdoors , and have had extremely fast growth and healthy looking plants , so much so i had to trim them down so they didnt get to big before planting time to fit in my backpack , so il write down what i do and maybe you could take something useful from it .

Put seeds in cana coco in 1 L pots

Water with ph 6 water , gradually add nutes (house and garden cocos a + B) no extras

Under a 130w cfl , and a small fan , water when pots are light weight. Thats all , i like to keep things simple and it seems to work for me


Oh and i take clones put them in dixie cups inside a clear storage container , mist first few days then leave them in there till roots . 100% success rate roots in 1-2 weeks. Nutes at 1000ppm once clones are rooted, hope this helps

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