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5x5 tent BRAND? and what hood for a 1000W? HELP ASAP

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Guys im after a 1000w setup . Im not running two 600's so ive got the 1000w idea the and space and electricity.

problem is I can't find a hood. I have a good budget. and after a 1000w good lamp.

Im going with a solistek ballast aswell :)

What kind of good reliable hoods that are worth the coin in australia? Im thinking aircooled. Ive seen the OG hood but I dont think it will fill a 5x5.
Maybe I should do a massive chinamens hat and have the fans just blowing on it? ideas guys? I dont know.

The best suggestion for a 5x5 tent. I heard this a good size for a 1000w.. Im probly just going to scrog two plants in this size tent. Hand fed. in coco / perlite.

Hoping for 2lb yield for POWERPLANT :) Its got the potentional and a massive yielder.

Peace all.

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