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guerrilla watering technique

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Hi guys with a new season just around the corner I thought someone may benefit from my watering system for guerrilla growing.. my technique uses a roofing system i.e. polycarbonate sheets,guttering,stakes and storage tanks...this system should be set up as early as possible to catch the spring rains..its simple really and all material is light and easy to carry long distances through the bush.. the system can be scaled to personal needs i.e. more plants more water more materials...I use polycarbonate sheets to create surface area, plastic guttering to catch water, tarred wooden stakes for framework and 100-200l storage tanks  you can even set up drip systems off the tanks or use bilge pumps n 12v batteries to pump your water to your plants..I recommend using green/painted sheeting or using bush mulch,branches etc to camo your "roof" up from possible fly bys or set it up under dense foliage/trees...you will need screws and a cordless drill for construction of the frame and screwing down sheets..for my grow I use 3 x 200l green storage tanks-- 3 metres of plastic guttering painted camo style-- 4-5 sheets of green polycarb which are 2 metres in length--- the frame uses 6 x 2 metre painted/tarred stakes for uprights and another 6 for batons to screw sheets down and fix gutter to..I set the 3 tanks up so they sit under the gutter and cut holes so the water drains evenly into each tank..I fix some fly screen material, with silicon, over the holes for filtering unwanted leaves n sticks etc...using this system I have never run out of water for my grow every rain tops the tanks up nicely...the idea can be expanded on in many ways use your imagination!!!...once its up you'll wonder why the hell you  carried all that water over the years and each season  its one less thing to stress about so you can give your ladies all the attention they deserve!!...wish you all the best this season gonna be hot and dry good luck all...grow hard!!



btw you don't have to use a frame if you dig your tanks into the ground tis a little bit harder work but def a lot stealthier!..

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howdy lads..always deliver materials in the wee hours I usually do a run in dropping the gear off  and returning a day later parking well away or riding in stealth stealth stealth!!...heres some picks from a few grows ago this set up is my anti termite grow the water store is buried using overflows..hope these files work if not check my gallery...cheers lads..

fortress #1.jpg




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