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Local strain "master's".

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This is a mid north coast strain called masters, its my favourite smoko so i thought id tell you stoners about it as its been getting around a bit lately (a big bust on a factory made it scarce for a while). This is the most stable strain ive ever known of that isnt bought of the internet and has maintained almost identical plants/buds for 7-8 years. Its taste at first is earthy and spicy and afterwards has a sweet fruit taste. Potency is on par with white widow, the high is a motivated couch lock if that makes sense kinda want to do things and drag your stoned self around kinda thing. Great lung expansion perfect for a bong (the only way i smoke). Ive never seen a seed but i know that it is a seed plant not clone only as i know people who have grown it and those who have them dont let go.. (bastards)... any way commercial outdoor weed at its best... just thought id share.




These pictures are shite and do nothing to glorify this lovely marijuana. I will try on my digi cam if i can find some farkin batterys... For now i think ill just have another bong haha..


Edit: forgot to mention thise weed is incredibly dense ,nice hard nugs.

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Sounds nice :)


as for the pics most cheap cameras have a 15cm focal distance for macro shots, some can take pics closer but 15cm is pretty average.  if you keep everything motionless, use the highest resolution possible and don't use digital zooming at all you should get some pretty clear pics.  it also pays to have a play with the white balance and other options available.  I found that using the flash and turning the exposure down gives me great macro shots but is pretty awful for plant shots.  once you get it sorted though you'll be able to take great pics with just about any camera regarldess of its quality :)

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how strange ? well there you go ! i know this strain very well infact too well , but its strange how people have differant ideas of where it comes from ?  i know of seed stock yes! but its mainly grown from clone stock these days and from what i know its afghani cross original skunk .


thats my take on it and i know this strain well ! 


ill agree gardener, its nice smoke yes , prob the most common stable strain on the coast for sure 

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Good to hear more info on it the few people ive got it from havnt been able to tell me anything about its genetics, just its name thst its supposedly a locally bred strain and of a massive processing op that had conveyor belts and all sorts that was busted in a town i use to score in when i was younger after wich it dwindled out for a while. When i first started getting this weed i pai $150 an ounce today the guy i bought this off said he gets up to $380 an ounce and he charged me $50 for an eighth. But i dont care its good pot..
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