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Chiller question


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Hi All

Just a quick question regarding chillers.

Currently have a traditional bubbler/dwc setup with a external rez.

Grow room temps are getting a little bit high but water temps concern me more. I am currently in the market for a chiller.

Q1. What i was thinking with my current setup is if i have a pump in the rez pumping to the chiller, then the return tube split into four separate feeds feeding each bucket. Would this kinda be a recirculating system? Would this be the best way to ensure the cold water is distributed to all the buckets or would just having the return into the rez cool all the buckets to a even temp over a hour or two.


Q2. Grow room temps are reaching 33 degrees in this current heat, with the chiller on hand do you think this will be enough to keep the children sweet? Also light aren't air cooled and not really in a position to do so, would a couple oscilating fans do the trick. Currently have small one in the room as the plants are in first week of veg.

Hope I have explained this easily enough.


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Hey kelossus.

Good Q man. I've just started a Dwc system and although my water temps are ok atm, I've also been thinking about a chiller for the warmer months...

Haven't really got an answer for you, both of your ways would work but I'll also be keen to hear what the more experienced DWC'ers think would work best.

Good luck man,

Take it easy


yNg :smoke:

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I think it was Vrod had a chiller-grow-diary on here over 18 months ago.


Think that was with his plants, that had the genetic claw lol


calls himself the claw now if i remember correctly.


Anyways i will get to the point.


he had a high-heat grow room in summer and used the chiller to keep the roots cool.


His plants survived and he harvested frequently.

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