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Internodal Gaps

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hi aussie, you could prune them hard or tie them back for minimal height, probably the best way to manipulate that is feed em little but often combined with plenty of light (50+w/ft) set as low as you can get it without burning the tops. there was this gear out...agar or ajar (product shelf name). it is used to control height in cut flower production sheds, you can still buy bonzi-bud or whatever its called thru hydro stores. i cant say it works, never used it...mate reckons its good for that effect.



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Distance between nodes is mainly dependent on the genetics of the plant. Poor lighting or growing conditions can make plants stretch out more though, so the stronger your lighting and better conditions you have in your growroom the more compact your plants should be. Products like bonza bud will help contain vertical growth but they won't magically turn a tall leggy plant in to a nice compact bush.


EDIT: OK as it happens I was just talking to someone who has used bonza bud and they had this to add....


Bonza Bud will tend to make shorter, bushier plants. Applied in late veg when your plants are just below desired height it will stop vertical growth and early flower stretch and channel the plants energy into lateral growth. And also you usually can't clone a plant after its been treated with bonza bud. so there ya go. :wacko:

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Yeh what all they had to say...lack of light, too much nitrogen during flowering and genetics


And ya can clone with that bonza bud shit ( i tipped too much of that crap in the tank accidently!)...I had no choice but to do it twice...once at the onset of flowering and once two weeks from harvest and it worked fine

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Hi bro,


I have a few ideas hope they help:-


1) make sure you use thick healthy cuttings that are busting white roots out of the rockwool cube.


2) Vegie growth plants under a metal halide light.


3) make sure you distance plants apart so light can get on most of the plant - not just the top cola.


4)Keep air temps at 24 degress. High temp can cause increased internode length.


5)Stressed plants tend to stretch more - comes down to growing experiance.



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