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Anyone seen or used these before?

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Are they those nute tablets that you stick in the medium directly under the drip feed of your choice or irrigation? ...seen them some where before....... dont know if id use them might be alright for outdoor ...might be ok indoor just think its easier to use the liquid nutes so you can dish out as much or little as your plant wants


Cheers :) Brimstond

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it is basically pk 13/14 in a tablet. i dont like the idea simply because it looks as though it would be hard to control dosage.


That was my thoughts too.


UNLESS it's kinda like Berocca... Dissolve the tab in water, then use the amount needed?

I know you take the whole lot with Berocca, but you should get what I mean.


C'mon Haze, fill us in on some details. The packet come with any destructions on how to use the stuff?

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