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LST on a main cola of a flowering week 2 plant?

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Hi all,


Doing my fist grow, I attempted a FIM some time ago but didn't work so now my week 2 flowering plant had a main cola and I was wondering if I've left it too late to attempt a LST of the main cola?


The main cola is quite sturdy and I don't think could be bent too far over, do you think it's worth attempting a LST or should I play it same and leave the main cola as is?



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I just recently trained a fair few plants that were all a few weeks into flowering and its easy enough to do.  The only thing really worth mentioning is that the stems thicken up to support the buds making the process a bit more difficult.  I had 3 hindu kush plants for example where the stem just buckled and flopped over because I was a bit rough with them.  They loved the abuse as it got them under the light heaps more but it did hurt them considerably so be patient and tie the plants down multiple times until you get them in the final position you want.  It takes time for the stems to adjust to their new position but once they do you can move them again effectively allowing you total control over the shape of of the plant.

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