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Im trying to find a way to take preventative measures in protecting my plants from mold. Now ive read up on what to do  when you have mold and the need for airflow etc. But im more talking about sestemic sprays with short holding periods to use 2-3 weeks into flower when they are just starting to bud up. I have an indica dominant that i grow in my tent, i keep things clean as i can with good airflow but i still suffer from mold every time at about week 8 if im lucky and not earlyer. Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanx in advance

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If you get mold from the same strain all the time i would look for a different strain less prone to it .


 Some strains need near perfect condition is the last few weeks and unless you can keep humidity constantly  below 40-45% you may suffer from it .

Mold needs moisture to grow so keeping the  grow  room dry will hep the most . With very low humidity  and good air exchange/movement mold should not be a issue .


 Growing in a tent is a bitch for controlling humidity . When lights go off the temp's drop fast and the relative humidity rises just as fast at the same time the plants release  moisture into the air .

So a tent can go from 50% humidity lights on to 70-80 % 1-2 hrs after lights go off .


 I run a dehumidifier 2-3 hrs before lights come on and then comes again 2 hours before lights off and runs for about 4-5 hrs to try to combat this . I empty it every day and get about 2 liters of moisture everyday . So in 6-7 hrs it has pulled nearly 2lts of moisture from the grow room . Imo its the only way to try to combat mold in tent when dealing with humidity .


Molds a bitch hope you sort it out man .

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