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Growing big plants

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Hey guys, i was just curious to see if anybody has tried to grow a plant from seedling for about 2 months if that, in soil, keeping it in its vegetative stage indoors under lights, then dumped it outside at the start of november to let it finish its life cycle outdoors, (flowering season is around about the start of february in my part of the country). I was thinking of doing this with getting results of some big plants, i know it also depends on the strain and many other things, but say if it was a strong sativa that was renown for growing 8ft+ would it do well ? and what strain would you recommend ?


First post so hope it isn't too shabby, anyways, bong on!  :bounce:



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Hey kushynugs, welcome :)

Ive actually got two going ATM under a cfl until September/October, great minds think alike ;) haha go over and check it out if you like.


You should get some decent size plants if you start earlier indoor, and also gives them a bit of advantage from pests and other problems.

Depends on alot of things, soil, climate, etc many factors to think of.. :P

Sorry for rambling :)


Looking forward to sed how things go for you kushy :)


Kkushman out!

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When I had access to an outdoor plot I used to start sativa dominant seedlings (outside) at home mid September, plant them out into the ground mid November and harvest 8 - 10 ft tall plants at the beginning of May.


I don't think it is necessary to start them indoors, unless it is still bitterly cold where you live in September.


Suitable strains from the Sensi catalogue...


Cheaper - Jamaican Pearl, Early Pearl, Mexican Sativa, Durban.


Dearer - Mother's Finest, Silver Haze, Fruity Juice, Jack Herer, Jack Flash, Northern Lights #5 x Haze


Also, even the skunks will get to the size you desire if given 3 or 4 months in vegetative growth.

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yeah alright cheers for your advice the both of you, i would try grow skunks again but just last season i grew them, great quality but just not enough yield as i only got probably 2oz off of just one plant and was hoping more, but i will look into that northern lights #5 x Haze that sounds nice :) 

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