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Coverage Verses Intensity

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:D if you buy 4 600hps, youre gonna get shades with `em...hightimes once showed a comparison of different shades. the adjust-a-shade shat all over all the others in getting the light to the area below, that was a while ago, though i know of no "new" designs...theyre australian too...



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I have had no problem running HPS vertical before Tugboat, but I have heard a few different opinions as to which shade and burning position is most benificial. I have been searching for an actual technical report about light intensity and reflector choice but have had no luck so far.

As for getting to the lower growth, I have noticed with the china hat style that I get alot of waste on the bottom.

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Not knowing which shade is better, i use a wing type and rest peices of light weight material which is white over the shades.


This is so i have a ceiling of white that will enclose the hole area!

"One Jumbo Shade Ceiling"


Its worked for me, it then bleeds the light down to the side walls which are white aswell! Enclose the bitch's as much as you can with white surfaces keeping in mind airflow will be needed to get through one area, usually the bottom where the pots are and less foliage!


Cheers, Hope that helps abit!


Ciao :D

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so wheres your fan?? if it cant pull air from above the light its a waste of time, how do you controll your heat?


I brought an adjustashade myself on my 600 but it was too big for the grow space so I now just use a wing type on the 400 and a flat piece of metal(half the adjustshade) for my 600. :D

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OKies ya got chinamans, adjusta, novas, freehanging bulbs


Chinamans are great for all light being deflected downawards altho the light intensity is lost when it has to be reflected off any surface other than your plants. They suck for heat disapation..which means more chances of burning your plants. There are also two types of globes...vertical and universal...check the bottom of yer globes to see which is which


Adjusts are great for 1000 watters because they allow maximum heat disappation..but also lose a lot of light at either end of the shades. They are much easier to work with and any shade which has the globe horizontally will reflect more light than a vertical one


The novas are great for low wattages ie 400/600...defintely not worth using with a 1000 watter. But because novas direct light straight at the plant you need more of them to properly coverage the plants. Its great in small setups. The 1000 watt novas hold too much heat in to be safe for your plants


Freehanging aka krusty style methods...are superior for those freedom grows...crap for scrog or sog. But allow maximum lumens to reach the plants....


If your going to use a chinaman hat get one of those 4 sheeter hats as they are much easier to put up and pull down than the 10 sheeter hats


I was told this locally and also have read it at overgrow...when the lights were first produced they were without shades because it maximised growth patterns for many differnt types of plants. Retailers sensing larger profits to be made have basically suggested that you need a shade in order to more effectively light your plants...which is why ya cant just get a globe, ballast and holder for much less than you would getting a full kit with a shade....now thats fucked. Of course I think ya need shading with the smaller setups...but having seen a modified krusty operation in full bloom...no shades needed...

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China hats do not compare to White Wings Shades , or more to the point a vertical light does not compare to a horizontal light , its pure mathamatics , without going into heaps of tech stuff , here are some basic princples ,


More light comes out of the centre of a lights element and diminishes towards its ends , because a horizontal light has its element lying parallel to the light target its principle light is direct downward and upward , with downward going direct to your plants and the uplight is bounced back at a very short rebound distance , very little spill light is lost sideways.


A verticle lights principle output is along a horizontal plane or out to the sides , so most of your light is directed sideways not downwards , the China hat reflector has a lot of distance between bulb centre and the reflecter compared to a Wing reflector so its reflected light is softer with a lot of side spill .


You cannot beat a horizontal light and a winged reflector , it is the most efficiant method .


I have been going to do a light simulation using 3D Studio Max to show how light works within a grow room , it would be easy to simulate the lighting using Max within a 3D world , actually the entire grow room dynamics could be simulated with Max , I was asked to do a multimedia cdrom about hydroponics by a very big horticultural company that I wont name here , the deal is still being worked out so if it comes of , you will be able to see what I mean .



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