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Is your plant social?

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Hi guys,

So I read somewhere today that plants actually have complex social interactions with each other. They will grow more aggressively when next to unrelated plants.


Not sure how true this is but it sounded interesting none the less.


I'm interested to see if any knows first hand if its true or any has any thoughts about it.

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I've been massively interested in plant communication and watched a few docos on the subject.  Turns out plants communicate using many different forms.  There is the typical chemical signals we have all experienced such as the smell of freshly cut grass which signals that a plant is under attack and that surrounding plants should protect themselves.  There is also underground communication which can take place using fungi and even direct root contact between plants.  Scientists are still barely scratching the surface of plant communication but a few things they know for certain are that plants are acutely aware of their environment,  they do talk to one another and although some plants can understand some signals from other species for the most part they try to keep their language secret so their communications only benefits their species.


Personally I want to try and exploit this in the future with cannabis.  I will experiment with harvesting a plant early and leave the bleeding stem in front of its sisters.  Stress is meant to ramp up protective measure in plants which in cannabis is cannabinoids and trichomes.  I dont know when I'll be able to give that a shot and I wont be able to get the final product tested in a lab for scientific confirmation which sucks, but it should still be interesting to give a shot.

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It has been long speculated that certain varieties of sage brush when planted next to cannabis will induce an increase in resin due to hormonal changes that occur when planted within the local vicinity of sage. Please try it out and keep me posted!!

It is also possible to alter growth patterns of plants based on the ground configuration of other plants around canna.




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