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The old argument, organic vs hydro

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Having a debate over soil grown pot vs hydro. Which medium produces the best quality cannabis? I'm only new to soil blends, and I am still experimenting, but prefer it over hydro, as opposed to the sister in law, who thinks hydro is more potent.

So, organic vs hydro? Understood, there are a lot of factors to consider, but from your own personal experience, which would you consider to bring out a strains full potential?

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Apologies Naycha. Hydro, as in plants are fed nutrients at waterings almost constantly, or soil, where the plant draws most of its nutrients from the composition of the medium. As for defining quality, taste, aroma, potency.( not yield)

The end result ultimately rests in the growers hands, but if you have tried both growing styles yourselves, and noticed any difference in your end result relating to the quality of your product, I'm interested to know:-)

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I only grow in dirt so know little about hyro.

I grow in dirt not beause you get a better stone only because it seems more natural and hyro seemed so unatural nearlly evil. all the nutrient and such.

my opion on hyro has change over the years but for me the more natural the better

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it really is the age old argument isnt it.


im mainly a hydro guy and i can tell you there is absolutely nothing wrong with a well grown hydro bud as far as quality goes but it is never goig to get the same level of flavour and taste you are going to get from organic soil. i think ptoency would be on par either way and i think that comes down mostly to genetics.


cant wait to see what i get from my aquaponics set up. organic hydro?

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Meh. If you're happy with what you grow and smoke, what's the problem?


Some folk should smoke more weed to dispel any haunting sense of inadequacy that their grow may not be the biggest, best and most potent in the world. It.really.doesn't.matter.




Understand what your saying but I believe it's people that stive for the best in life especially growing lol, there the reason we find out new and better ways to accomplish stuff If that makes sense lol



Cheers haze

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heya burner yeah, I'm loving the coco but I'm mad keen on getting some more in soil later this year. 

Excellent responses, you seem to start some good topics burner lol


I have two mini outdoor plants in soil and one in the closet a couple of weeks away-both flowering at the same stage (sensi skunks) so in a month or so i will start my first comparison lol  I am interested in a 100% organic-ya know with just rubbish around the place-scraps maybe a little seasol but compost, castings, chron's and ash, maybe if I can get a little guano or something.  


When its legal we will grow outside during season and maybe seed runs or flower finishing in the winter inside be much cheaper when they stop prohibition aye-way more fun and no hidin! :thumbsup: I'm gonna do up a strain report on the ss and will put both outside and coco grown plants in there.  I know right now in between grows we've had to purchase and I'm asking for the 'bush' which though maybe a little less potent (I jus take another toke lol ) it is a lil zippier and a much more delightful flavour than the hydro available.  Also $50-60 less an oz.


Peace to you and nice thread. v :sun:


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