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War waged on legal cannabis

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hope they actually explain to the polies that this stuff has absoluty nothing to do with the cannabis we grow otherwise how do we know for sure if it ever go to vote that some un informed polies vote no because this synthetic shit has killed ppl and they dont know the difference

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The stupidiest thing is, the dickheads think synthetic Cannabis, and Bath salts are the same..... lol . Bath salts is whats making ya town loopy, the synthetic cannabis just puts people at risk of Respitory failure or heart attack.


THC was never designed in Nature to be seperated from CBD's and all the rest of whats in it. If you do, and you synthesise it, you will make compounds you have no idea what the effects will be.

To me producers of synthetics are just low life parasites anyway, in it for the $$$$$, don't give a shit about the end user.


LEGALIZE CANNABIS........ easy answer...... done.


Peace. Nibbler.

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Warren fucking Woodley makes me want to puke.  This is all bollocks, they are after political hype to make it look like they give a fuck about rising crime while they sit on their fat greasy political arses doing nothing but blame other levels of government, but that's ok as none of them live in areas of town that are really affected.  At least 3 of the fucktards in that pic are long term anti pot mouthpieces.  Woodley is a fanatically firm believer in "Reefer Madness" being an accurate representation of the reality of the drug.  The synthetic cannabis thing is just a new thing they can rant about.  The reality in Tamworth is that alcohol is the biggest social and criminal catalyst, and the bulk of the crime problem is caused by kids building up brownie points in their wanna be gangs.  The pigs know who they are, they just don't really want to do anything about it, and who can blame them when the courts treat them like they are the victims even after half a dozen court appearances.  It's easier for the cops to issue speeding fines and do a few RBTs.  Woodley pisses me off so much that I'm still fuming even after this rant, I'd like to find out where he lives and plant 100 seedlings in his back garden, and some meth lab equipment in his shed and call the drug squad on his arse, and then photoshop him into some gay porn pictures and release them to the media.  The rest of them aren't much better.


Aside from that, pretty much what nibbler said about the synthetics, plus for me it's not just a law and order issue that created the synthetic problem, but also a society issue.  If you have a society that makes something a mass portion of the public wants illegal, it creates an environment that fosters this sort of shit happening, duh, fucking idiot politicians

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