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How many hours/grows from a hps lamp ?

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 I was just curious on how many grows or hours  used on your hps before you change it ? 


 I read a mag the other day that said 9-10 months they should be changed but searching online  seems alot do it every 6 months or 2 grows .


Just wondered when most decided it is time for a new lamp .





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Globes will last a year, if ya get a decent one. I've had one of mine 2 years, but it only did 2 grows a year. Now its the spare.

Ballast won't lose output unless its damaged, it's all in the globes life and its lifespan before the lumen output is affected.


Most places engrave a date on the side of ya globe, thats for their warranty details and for your peace of mind as to how old it is. You be suprised how fast time flys.


peace. Nibbler.

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Appreciate the reply guys .


 On the Phillips site it says my son t pia 600w will be at about 90%  after 7000-8000 hours use which sounded a bit much . I always very skeptical of the info manufactures put out .

Will budget on a new globe each year i think for piece of mind. 




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