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Pot Size

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Ya IMO : in any indoor grow 3 gallons is as

big as you'll ever need , & the reason behind that is because

your lighting will only penetrate 3 feet down into your canopy .

will HID light that is, if your growing under fluros its even less .

1 foot = 1 gallon rule of thumb


I grow my plants no bigger than 2 1/2 feet tall

I have had a few sativas get up too 3 feet but that is the MAX

in my book .

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so yea, me and friend are in Stuart Fl, "a small town north or West Palm Beach". Anyway where ridin, on out, and we just finished a morning Blunt, and we are on are way to eat breakfest, when this cop decides to pull us over.. The cop comes up to the window.


(cop) Where you boys goin?

(me) To eat breakfest sir.

(cop) You, boys doin a little puff puff before hand huh,

your eyes look a little blood shot.

(me) No sir. have u been eatin some Doughts, cuz there is some glaze on your collar.

(cop) Step out side your car sir,

(me) ok..

pat down.

(cop) Can i search your car.

(me) No sir.

(cop) well, why not if u got nothing to hide.

(me) To protect my Bill of Rights sir, I have the right, just like you have the right to eat those jelly doughts and get all fatty


what hapenned after that? friend of mind talked to a cop like that once and got his face rubbed in the gravel

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the whole story after that- he called a K-9 unit to site and had two dogs walk around my car.


I said to the cop- how do i know u just dont make those dogs bark on command-


His anwser-

they only bark- if they smell drugs.



I said" in that case they shouldn't bark- cuz i had no drugs on me-

LIke 5 min before we got pulled over, we finished the blunt and throw it out the window.


THe dogs never barked, but one of the cops wanted to slap me with a DUI!


I was like Bro- i just woke up!!!!!


long story short- the cops knew me and my friend were high as fuck, but

they didnt do shit- NO evidence


After a while talking to the police- they left.


The USA sucks as far as law inforsment, You get caught with a Little pot- Even Resin in a bowl, 1st effence you are looking a 1 year drug and AChoul probation.


and u have to d0 program called ADAP- 18 classes- each class one day a week, 2 hours long.


Now thats only 1st effence and under 28 grams.


u get caught with more than 28 grams for fucked! and if they caught u with a scale, your even for fucked , cuz the the trow Trafficing on you.



If u get caught with a plant- YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL.


Yep the USA loves to bust stupid shit, like kids smokeing a little dope,

unstead of worrying about murders and shit- but like i said i live in a small town and most of the time the BIG BIG stuff is the DRUNGS.


LAME if u ask me.

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