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HI I was hoping for some advice on my pedro.

Now I consider myself a reasonably succesfull gardener, having really big healthy plants that are years old in my garden, Viridis, caapi, salvia just to name a few. all ornamental. I just love gardening special plants.

Problem is I just can grow cacti? supposedly its the most basic plant but I am KILLING them??, My plants are 4 years old now but still only 500-700cm tall and 5-7cm thick. they are a light green colour. A year ago I had them in pots and got the jack of them and threw them in the garden.

I havent really bothered with TLC for them since as I thought I may have been over loving them..you know... what does a plant that sits in the destert without water in full on sun need..of course it wants luxury plenty of water and ferts and it can live it up now?? not so much lol. But no real improvement with backing off the attention

So I was lying in bed last noght and I realised that I never ever let my indoor garden and outdoor garden worlds collide? there never been any need . So I wonder just how the pedro would go indoor under lights ?? what meduim would I use ?? Clay balls , Perlite?? I am a dedicated coco guy but would it be too wet for Cacti? Would a full on feed program be too much for it.

I am definitely now going to give this a go I just would like to know if there is any method before hand that may be preferable.

I was thinking of just saucer feeding in Perlite first off seeing how they go on 18-6.

I feel a bit guilty because I sort of just gave up on these guys.



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