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Copper Nail

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copper in most plants will kill them pretty quickly....


I know some chinese like to stress thier dogs before deep frying them because it makes the meat taste better..maybe its the same with mj


There are other less intrusive ways of stressing them...no light for a week...ice cold water...death metal...


Maybe not

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I wouldn't advise it... Some growers remove lighting for 48 hrs before harvest, or even longer, to hasten the removal of chlorophyll... This makes the smoke a little smoother apparently. Most personal growers will also flush out their plants with fresh water to remove any fertilisers from the soil/media and thus starving the plant of nutrients... this also assists in the cannabilisation of chlorophyll and this will help with it's taste/aroma significantly. :P


There's a topic in here somewhere about some growers of other plants who would nearly ringbark their trees to stimulate a second fruiting... the plant thinks it's dying, which of course it isn't, and it moves to reproduce. This is only done in a few specific types of fruit bearing plants tho, and I'm not sure if it would be really useful for MJ. :P


There should be little reason to stress plants anyway, stress on plants is usually what causes problems, it rarely solves them. :P

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Hey fox,

don't bother it does not increase yield, potency or do any good at all.

I tried this several times (a rusty nail throught the main stalk) after reading Indian mj farmers used this method. I did it a few times & once side by side with one I did not do it to -made absolutely no difference whatsoever.

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Good stuff mate. ;)


Just as a side note to what geezer said... It's possible that the use of nails driven into the roots, or placed beneath the plant was more a localised solution to a deficiency in their soils, either through ph or plain lack of iron present...


I note this as some areas of australia have extremely poor native soils, and without substantial alteration, (usually involving just bringing in something else) it's likely to starve any exotic plant that needs even moderate amounts of nutrients.


So yeah, it could be a local solution to a particular soil problem, and as such problems weren't present in your soil geezer, it made no difference. :P


I still wouldn't advise sticking nails into plants tho, there are far better ways to overcome soil nutrient deficiencies than such drastic measures as this. :P

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Bit late on the reply but hey...


I read that the Indian hash farmers used this method to stress the plant whilst flowering to increase resin yield , nothing about soil deficincies - dunno about that as stress is not good at any time for me so why would a plant be different?

Anyway, as I said - it made absolutely no differnce in my experience




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