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Cane Toads

El Kabong

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Poor old Baz, he only had the time it took to shot gun a tinny before his arse was grass :)

You'd actually do better with a bufo alvarius Sharpie


The venom from Bufo alvarius, an unusual toad found in the Sonoran desert, contains 5-MeO-DMT, a potent natural chemical similar in effect to the more common entheogen DMT. The venom can be dried into a powder, which some researchers speculate was used ceremonially by Amerindian shamans. When smoked it prompts an instantaneous break with the physical world that causes out-of-body experiences completely removed from the conventional dimensions of reality.

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I know the jokes been made before but im surprised with Australia. You mean to tell me nobody has smuggled a few of these Bufo alvarius species over here? The Australian deserts would be perfect as a breeding ground. Better still my back yard :-)


We have enough problems with enough introduced pests as it is. We don't need to be adding it it. 8s

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