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canna garlic croutons.


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I enjoy a good Caeser salad, this is one way I enjoy it more.


Baby cos lettuce leaves or roughly chopped iceberg lettuce

Diced bacon, fried crisp or bacon chips.

Parmesan cheese


Caeser dressing.( Paul Newmans Own is my preffered.)


Canna garlic croutons:


Four slices white bread, toasting loaves are best.

Half a cup of olive oil

Two cloves garlic, crushed

One gram seived trichomes/hash.


Combine olive oil, crushed garlic and hash in a small pot.

Over a gentle heat, stir until the aromas make your nose hairs curl, or around half an hour.

Remove from heat and cool.

Lightly toast the bread, try to avoid browning, crust is ok.

Remove crust from bread and cut bread into small squares, alternatively you can leave the bread intact, and break up by hand later, for a more rustic appearance.

Line an oven tray with baking paper, brush bread with oil and place on tray.

Bake at around 160 degrees until crunchy, you can keep on brushing with oil, but I prefer to use any leftovers for marinating my steak.


Place lettuce in a bowl, creating a well in the centre.

Add the bacon and parmesan, drizzle over some dressing, lay out a few anchovies and fill the well with croutons, adding a little more dressing if desired.

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Cheers for the feedback everyone:-) I hope you find the recipes tasty and toasty! In reply, Cannavino, I use between one to two grams of bud, because of the low concetration of alcohol in the wine, the longer you infuse, the more you extract. The effect is no doubt a combination of bud and booze, but I find it to be a pleasantly happy intoxication. Pics are proving difficult for me to upload, I aint the most computer savvy bloke but I am sure it has something to do with the android device I am currently using. Couple of loose ends to tie up, but a p.c. is on the cards as a near future requisition, by then I should have a plethora of pics, growth and gastronomic, to share with the rest of the community.
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