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Suggestions for soil - indoor cupboard

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Sup all about to get a small cupboard grow going but need advice on the soil.


this is my gonna be my first indoor grow, gonna use some 80w CFL's in this small thing (still need to rig it up with fans and filters etc)


measures about 40x40x175


now being my first indoor im a complete green thumb - i have atteptemd grown 2 outside plants b4 but that was just pure luck they survived as long as they did.


so question is what is a good easy first timer medium to use? something that isn't too hard to look after or requires crazy nutes etc .. i dont want to get too crazy yet on my first attempt.

from what ive read coco seems pretty good, i have noted that it says it retains nutes so dont go too crazy on them anyway, but also something that might keep the bugs down etc.


just want this first grow to go as smooth as possible.




Peace all



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yup jk all over it !!

i fill my pots to 1" bellow the top with coco then use clay balls over the top of coco ( really wash clay balls , and if u decide to use perlite in your mix wash well ) . Apart from clay balls atop of coco as a safegaurd for pests i also use PYTHOFF by flairform ( not an advertisemesnt just what the shop dude gave me ) when i water with my nuiets it was only $20 for the bottle and u use sweet F.A. so it lasts along time .


jk , scone receipe self raising flour , with equal parts milk and lemonade with tblspoon butter , never fails for me and im a dumbass!!!!!!

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ill go back under me rock now !

ill go back under me rock now !!!


my thought was pythoff was to aid in the prevention of root browning which in turn eliminates food sources responsible for attracting fungus gnats and other rootzone pests . Damn i thought pests were insects ,bloody L plates , back to me rock and study,study,study . Didnt mean to lead people astray!

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