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My First Cacti and Cactus Care Help


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Hey all, 

I have recently went and purchased my first Cactus after many years of being lazy and saying I would do it.

When I was choosing my cactus, I chose what I thought would need the most care. Whether it looked un healthy or just needed re potting.

I must say I have no idea about caring for cactus and have been doing some reading on growing from seed and caring for your cactus over the last 2 days (When I purchased them).

The cacti I chose was a Scopulicola, Bridgesii Montrose "Penis Plant" and One unidentified Trich, Which I originally thought might be a Bridgesii but thought I might be best seeking help here.

I repotted them as soon as I got them home pretty much, I think I should have watered them first but was a bit excited lol.

The only one that seems to be in trouble is the Scopulicola. 

Now, After checking on my babies in the last hour I noticed some pimple like bumps on my Scopulicola which I am really hoping is not rot. Does any one have any input in to what this could be and the best course of action? I do remember my unidentified Trich had a needle stuck in the Scop and was thinking this what caused this little out break, they didnt have the most comfortable drive home unfortunately sad.png













This is the unidentified cactus which was labelled "Trichocereues ............." I thought it was a bridgesii but noticed some peruvianus look similiar to it. I am hoping someone here can give me an i.d  just for knowledge sake. :)








and finally my "Penis Plant" lol





Any and all help is very much appreciated :)






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hi .......... taxonomical data regarding the "peyote-like" mescaline containing cactii or even quasi-peyote "fake peyote" (containing psychoactive substances but not mescaline) is descriptive enough that identifying mescaline-containing species is simple .... research trout's note's or  even a cactii database online ....

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