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IMO ordering from your own country presents more problems than good. Especially because its america.


firstly, American police are out to bust USA seedbanks and growers, Seedbanks in USA might already be under suspicion and investigation by US cops without anyone knowing it. Canadian or English seed banks are both legal, they wont be under investigation on their end, you can only get busted by them on your end, so its half the risk IMO.


As for customs, it can happen, but mail is pretty safe shit still, people are sending big bags of dope and living plants all around the world.


The 2nd reason is the quality of business, American seedbanks wont have the prices or amount of strains to match the big boys in the game. I've recieved a absolute ton of seed packages never lost one, it would be very bad luck if it happenend to you.

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Oh also most Scam cannabis seedbanks are located in USA, Sites pop up over night offering all the big name breeders seeds and disappear when their wallet is full of people who cant complains cash.


If you do choose american is the go, find out if the place is real by asking around. klozit king is a real company, I dunno about the quality of his seeds though, but been around for zonks offerering el-cheapo beans.

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