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growing out door in winter in south australia


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I grow Jack Herer outdoors all year round. During winter, I grow her in 50 ltr tubs so I can take her inside for supplemental lighting. I use hydro nutes (Dutch Master Advance) at 500ml per 200 ltr rain water. I also add 100 mls per 200 ltrs Dutch Master Gold Silica. I water each plant 10 litres each day, 1 day nutes next day rain water, so the salt levels don't build up. They get watered EVERY day. When they start flowering, I change to BLOOM nutes and add Potash. The last week Gets ALL rain water. I do this for outdoors and for pots. Outdoors I dig a hole that takes approx 4 x 30 ltr bags of UNFERTILIZED potting mix (cheap one) . In the bottom of each hole, I put a large Carp (fish), fill it in and add seedling. Pea straw on top will keep in moisture. It will be a large plant before roots get down to fish. I change the potting mix in the hole every Year.

They go absolutely BERSERK.

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Sorry I don't know much about strains myself, but from the research I've made the most ideal plant for growing in the winter would be an autoflowering strain.

These plants can be grown all year round without relying on the specific hours of light to vegetate and flower properly, so could be what you're looking for. Otherwise for outdoor growing pretty sureyou will have to start in spring.

Hope this helps,


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G'day superredbush !


Mate heres how i find out which strains are good for my outdoor location !


I know that my daylight hours are the same as florida (usa) and mexico !

Timeanddate .com will show you which area in the northern hemisphere matches your state in the southern hemisphere !


Brisbane and miami have a shortest day of 9.5 hrs and a longest day of 13.5 hrs


You will find that your longest day is longer than QLD and may get to as long as 15hrs of daylight in one day !

Yet there is a place in America with the same light hours that you have .

Go to timeanddate .com and find out your sunrise and sunset times .

Then make washington your home town in the box and see the sunrise and sunset times !

Keep searching north american cities and you will find a matching city with the same daylight hours !

Once you have done this..... search various grow sites and find people who grow in that american city and what they are growing outdoors !


If it works in america ...it will work here !

Just a thought . Good luck !

Oh and the shortest day is june 22 and the longest is 26 december .

Match these dates with your American city but their longest day is june 22 and their shortest day is dec 26 .

I hope that make sence ??

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You can't grow in winter. Your plants will flower after a couple of weeks and you will yeild nothing. Ganja needs long day lights hours for the vegative growth period and as sumer becomes autumn they'll flower and finish up in autumn or early winter for late strains.

You can get around this by getting a solar powered light for each plant (cost is around $7 for each light from Bunnings), point it at the plant and the daytime is extended by at least six hours. It's quite easy to get creative with a bit of black plastic so the light won't be seen from even a few meters away.

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What a brilliantly efficient idea!


I'm a first time grower, definately looking to grow outdoors in winter, prevention from frost I can manage.


I sent away for autoflowering varietes, want to keep it low key, and low cost..


and I think yours is an elegantly simple way of giving them the extra light, no fuss, and for free!


Thank you, all, for sharing,



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