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Does Pyrethrum/bug Spray Wash Off?

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i had a rather nasty experience last night, i sampled my second strain of plants, unknown indica strain, really really sticky, fairly strong smoke, but i felt nauseous & dizzy on it and had to go lie down for 15 mins till it wore off a little bit, then i went to sleep anyway. I have never ever had that happen to me before, only bad effects ive had is low blood sugar making me a bit dizzy or headaches when i used to smoke tobacco with it, but not feeling like i wanna throw up. :)

So yeah maybe i had too much in one puff or something but i also remembered that i had used Pyrethrum spray on the plants about 6 weeks ago and thought maybe there was still some residue of it on the plants and thats what was making me feel sick. I would have thought it would wash off in the rain in that time but I figured that maybe coz this strain is really sticky it wouldnt wash off as well and would literally stick onto the leaves/flowers? I have also used thrive but only like twice in the whole grow. any ideas? :)

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I wouldn't know about smoking the incecticide you are using, I dont know what chemicals are in it, but I do know that applying heat to chemicals can produce some seriously weird effects....................I use chrysamthemum juice.........its made from the flower of the same name, and is safe to eat hours after application, and gets rid of all pests, even the mites I got last year,( ever get mites??? horrible little things and hard to get rid of), but in the line of safe stuff and completely earth friendly, chrysamthemum spray is the best thing going and safe to ingest, if not my last 7 crops would have been toxic to enjoy :D


I know I mis-spelled chrysanthemum, but it is a very popular flower so finding the stuff I am talking about will be easy...........


peace and lots of pot,,,,,,,,,


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if your plants were covered in a sticky honey like substance , thats aphid shit, its fucked, aphids used to fuck all my old crops, just recently started getting mites like a normal cunt. Anyways if what Im saying sounds true for you then I feel sorry for ya, aphids tend to leave the buds after drying and avoid the most resinous parts, tend to hang around the stems mostly, and dont leave as much tell-tale signs as spidermites except the honey and themselves.

Pyrethrums not very dangerous, and 6 weeks ago is along time.


We're them buds well flushed??? Usually unflushed buds dont cause such severe symptoms but more a headache after heavy heavy day long toking and a harsher taste than usual.


I like pipemans suggestion of stronger weed than youve smoked before. sounds like it could be right

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yeah i think its just stronger than im used to coz i had a teeny bit last night and was gone but didnt feel sick. Nah its just very resinous, not aphids, i would have seen the fuckers flying round. So pufferphish the crysanthenum (see i misspelled it too probly) spray is made of them?
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Hi Kermit,

Pyrethrum sray is made from the African daisy, and is usually classes as an 'organic' herbicide. I don't imgine it would still be casuing toxic effects after 6 weeks.

As for any spray, do a search on google before you try it. There are 10 zillion good gardening sites which will tell you all you need.

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