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Ton clone or seed?


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So another quick question - am growing outdoors, if that makes much difference, but if I wanted to add another 3 or 4 plants to my grow is it going to be a better idea to order some more seeds and grow from seed or just start to trying to take clones of what I already have? Not that concerned about having all different varieties this grow so that isn't a factor in choosing seeds over clones. Will it make much difference either way? Is it maybe getting slightly late to be growing from seed now anyway, assuming ordering today and 10 days delivery it could be early December before they start to germinate.
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Most peoples plants be goin to flower mate, depends where you are. If ya take clones and they flowering, they will need to be re-vegged before ya chuck em outside, or ya just have very small plants with tiny lil buds.

Maybe take some clones put em inside under a light and chuck em out when they are big enough. Peace. Nibbler.

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Not too late to plant more seed mate.

A few more in by Dec would veg plenty to get a decent yield.


Clones would be a good idea too...

Take a few off each plant you already have. Strike em and keep under a small lamp til big enough to put out. Good trick is to keep one of each plant in a glass of water in a dark cupboard, they`ll show sex within a couple weeks and you`ll know what you have :thumbsup:


So... in essence it`s upto you which way you go, both can be a win.


Good growin` :thumbsup:



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