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Sad and slow


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Hi all i thought id post the pic up to see whats ya's recon


shes w8 in flower the leaves are only growing one finger on them and the leaves look sad.its proberly not getting enough light as ive got it over my other plant a little more light is a 400w hps

ec 2.0,ph 5.8-6.2,in a feed and drain set up watering 5 times a day in a 50L pot with clay balls


any help will be great.this one has allways been alot slower for some reason.im wondering if the lighting is the only prob






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Heya Refer =) , mate they look healthy enough, but your right they could do with more light. See on the top of ya buds , ya getting that long stem appear at the top?

That is classic stretching for light by the buds.


Some of the stringiness your experiencing will be stretch, but most will be from low lighting. Also make sure your giving them enough PK.


They Bagseed man, so hard to say what they'll do. Just hang in there, let em get all fat and sticky, and we'll see at the end.. hehe. Peace. Nibbler.

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As nibbler said, being bag seed it's hard to know what will develop. It's unlikely that the extreme difference is due to anything you have done eg lighting, medium etc. It's most likely natural variation. On the bright side, you seem to have one plant that will produce some nice bud to smoke or vape and another that will make fine butter for edibles.
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Thanks for the info guys

I have been adding the same amount of pk 13/14 to both plants now for the last couple of weeks


Im wondering is it worth the power to keep trying to flower it?

I no 400w hps isnt enough in my tent but its all i have


Seems like a totally different plant,it looks alot diff to any others ive seen from the same seeds

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