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Hash Brownies

Guest weepurple

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Guest weepurple

This happened last week,


Me and one of my mates decided to make some brownies.

Well we purchased a cheap Cake mix,

We mixed it up using the instructions provided.

One the mix was in the bowl i ground up about a 1/2 ounce of

Big bud and folded the green in,

Once the mix was cooked there was hardly any flavour.

To say they where strong is an undestatement a fresh head trip really nice after about two portions.

The funniest thing was that we left 2 cakes in the fridge,

My mates girl never touches the stuff.

She must have been hungry after work and ate the 2 cakes,

We came home and it was as if she had swallowed an acid giggling her head of.


Really funny.


Weepurple ::): :) ::): ::):

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I think you made that whole story up. If someone who didn't smoke ate some potent hash cake that made you and your mates trip they'd more than likely green out.


its fucken stupid to give pot foods to straight people without their knowledge. that includes leaving them around for them to eat.

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Guest weepurple

Well pipe man,


You think i made that story up MMMnnnn.

Now that did happen and actually it was probably daft leaving the cakes in the fridge but hey shit happens,

But hey i dont think that any of the morals crep into the situation.

Nice to give your grown up opinion.


Weepurple :)

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Guest Babybear

If i was that chick id kill you sound like something a bunch of 17 yr old boys would do , IM still pretty younge acting , an not many ppl think im even over 18 , (thou im 23)

pipe just sayin what everyone is thinking that they dont say :)

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Im kinda of with you guys but im also not with you. If you intentionally left the cakes in there for her to eat i hope she kicks ur ass but if you just left it to save it for later or something its not really your fault. But i do believe you made the story up but hey maybe shes getting high without you guys knowing :)
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Whats the fuss about? All they did was put their cakes in the fridge. As to giggling, well, everyone responds differently to pot the first time. Some get all freaked out and others love it. Assuming it was her first time. Never touching the stuff can just mean that she hasn't touched it in a long time. So tell us the rest of the story WeePurple. What happened next?
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Guest weepurple

Alright guys,


Well what happened next was nothing,

Sorry but she wasn't the least bit bothered.

We never left the brownies for her but were saving them,

Yes it was a bit childish the act but it was funny to two 29yr old stoners,

I must be sick in the head or something.

She never threw up or anything and the whole lot was like a giggly dream for her.

I havent really cooked with stuff since but have got a few nice recipies if anyone is interested.


weepurple. ::D:

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