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Purpling On Stems

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:D Can anyone tell me why my plants have thin purple lines on main trunk

and purple on the stem of the leaves. It has happened to all of my plants

that I have ever grown, even though I have grown different strains.They are only thin faint lines, but I am sure that I read somewhere that it is not good.

Appreciate thoughts and comments


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Guest Wilderbud

I have it on this plant also - pretty bad too. If I look down the plant all I can see is purple stem but when I look up the plant its all green. The purple is invading my leaves now also.


Ive read that its probably a draught doing it and it could be that reason for me. I have seen it come and go on seedlings but havent seen it on a mature plant till now [although I havent seen many].


I have a self-watering pot sort of thing thats basically got a reservoir under the soil for roots to grow into - Im thinking this may be bad for the plant and may have cause the purpling and also may have caused my roots to grow upward for a few days [i just threw clay balls over them and they all stopped growing up].


Another factor Ive read about could be moving from low-light into intense-light [pourpling being the plant trying to slow photosynthesis so it can handle the new light] but I dont think this is the case with my plant.

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I'm not really sure about this, but it could be a phosphorous deficiency, or it could be N, K, or Mg deficient. Mg deficiency is also common because cannabis uses alot compared to other plants, and most ferts don't have enough of it. using 1/4 of a teaspoon or so of epsom salts every few days fixes this.
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Purpling on some strains can be a normal occurence and nothing to worry about at all as it is in their genetics.


Some strains can also get purpling if the enviroment is on the colder side, ie about 18 to 20 degrees.


Generally you should determine the health of your plants from the colour of the leaves first. If the leaves are healthy looking then don't worry about the purpling on the stems. If the leaves are unhealthy then start looking for the cause of the leaves being off colour using the purple lines on the stems as a secondry guide to the problem.


I've finished a few grows now and all of them have had purpling on the stems at one time or another.

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