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What is the worst that could happen if you tried to grow an indoor variety of plant outdoors?


Surely nothing that horrific?


My friends and I have an outdoor grow of about 8 plants, and they are all going pretty well, even though some of them are from indoor varieties (all the plants are grown from bag seed that was collected over many months).


Cheers, gahligahli.

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Guest weekprik

by indoor I guees you mean a indica or indica/ sativa cross??


im not really sure how they would grow? but generally indoors plants are designed for smaller plants like 4-5 ft tall tops, and finish fast.


however genuine outdoors seeds are sativa based and these can grow HUGE I had one plant that was 9 feet tall when it finished, it too was bagseed. as in those days I didnt even know about different strains etc.


I think that it will grow well outside, but possibly would be very small when finished.



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Generally speaking,

true indoor varieties are created by breeders that repeatedly over years select relatively short and bushy plants to breed with. By planting outdoors, they will usually grow well, but be much smaller at harvest than a real outdoor strain.


Specially bred outdoor varieties have sometimes been selected for resistance to problems common outdoors such as mold due to wet weather. Sometimes indoor varieties will be slightly more succeptible to these types of issues.


Hope that helps,


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