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:D hiya, years ago there was`nt that much weed around so we used to use tobacco to stretch the mix. sometimes you use it to keep some damp pot burning(not me). some young folk dont know any different....but basically its just a bulker for the bowl.

i drape my papers with a bit of drum just to roll it up easier.



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Ugh.. why would anyone mix filthy tobacco with lovely herb ? I have smoked the herb for years and believe that socially, legally and medicially we have made the WRONG smoke illegal. Ciggie tobacco stinks of chemicals and is artificially addictive. Yuk.. Just say no to tobacco ..
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yeah that's exactly what i was thinking, do you know how much the government is making off of cigarettes? A crap load. if they decided to sell marijuana like they sold cigs, there would be ten times the profit.........don't worry my friend maybe one day this will come true..........for the rottweiler punk has a dream................ a dream that one day that there will be a stoner president..........a dream that one day we can all hot box the white house...............a dream that one day all of us stoner brother and sisters can hold hands all across the world and pass one huge joint of dank and get stoned together................OK enough said i'm really stoned :D
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