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Lord Of The Rings

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I read those books in High school. My brother was into Dungeons and Dragons and gave me his copy. One big volume with all three books. I always thought it would make a fantastic movie (or movies) but the ending of Peter Jacksons Return of the King was fucked. In the book you see Saurons spirit appear as he's dying. The troops don't know what the fuck is happening. This great dark storm cloud rises over them shaped like Saurons head and ringed with a crown of lightning streaks. A great hand reaches over the field of battle as if trying to crush them all.


Then a breeze blows it all away. The books really fired up the imagination and Tolkien was a master wordsmith. I had higher expectations of the movie finish. To my mind that was the most spectacular bit of writing save for the encounter with the Balrog. Jackson did that scene rather well although it smacked a little too much of a christian style Satan. Horns, fire and goats legs.


"You wouldn't part an old man with his walking stick would you?"

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