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Some Pics And Need Advice

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Hey there


Can someone tell me how can I tell when it is time to pick.


Here are some photos of my plants. They are 4 monhs old, some of the buds look almost ready to pick.


My question is do buds get picked according to season, age of plant, or temperature.


Are these ready? check em all out, some near the bottom arent ready, so CAN I pick some but leave the not-so-ready ones


ANY advice would be appreciated!!


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congratulations on them lovely buds mate, they look damn fine, your camera really does them alot of justice, we can even see the spiderweb on them buds and shit , lovely photos man, thanx for sharing them.


they looking pretty good to me, I'd certainly chop one off and have a smoke with ya if we we're right next to it, but picking will depend on your own judgement of watching the resin glands change colour, over time you will develop a 6th sense but till then the best way to change is by the clouding-then-ambering of resin glands, most wanna pick em at 50/50 clear/amber. some more some less, its all up to personal prefenrence and trial and error, some wanna be left past that some before. IMO not many strains wanna go past 50/50, those tha do its usually for the huge increase in trichome production during those times, unsure if makes them more or less potent, I find going much further with alot of strains makes the pot lose its sweetness and flavour a bit and replace it with tarryness, also the high can be greatly effected by when you pick them, sativas in particular can lose their clearness and energy, usually keeping the paranoia factors and adding couchlockyness and boredom I find. (esp hazes). IMO early much better than late.


Anyway we cant tell you if that bud is ready to pick or not, thats up to you to find out by using a magnifying glass or just flexing your eyeballs, or maybe put that snazzy camera to better work.


this thread here will show you about the resin glands changing colours.when to harvest outdoors.


good luck and happy smoking mate. :D

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