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I have just started a few plants, they have 4 leaves on them now, about 3 and half inches tall> I have been having trouble getting :her: Bigger, She has been the same 3 inches for 2 and half weeks> i realize that plants need a lot of sunlight, and the conditions where i live, Fl. has been around 78 for a high and 65 as a low, Is that good temp for a plant, i also realize, it depends on strain, this is a sailia stain, for sure. I keep her on my roof, for ample sunlight. I have her in good soil, that is not too watered, but i have watered her about every 5 days, and i gave her a small amount of plant food. I was Planning on putting her in a 5 gallon bucket with soil mangrove soil, Mangrove is a plant close to river bends, and the soil around it is rich in nuents.


Anywho if any of you who can give me some pointers, i will apprecieate it.



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hi and welcome to the site,


Use soil that has no bark in to coz he roots will grow around the bark.


TYO84 Posted on Mar 1 2004, 01:13 PM

She has been the same 3 inches for 2 and half weeks


Nothing sounds wrong with that, Use the plant food once a week and other days use plain water. Make sure the soil drains well.

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I'd have to disagree with the bark thing mate. Just about every potting mixture on the market will be bark based. So it's kinda hard to avoid it.


Drainage is the key. If it don't drain, it won't grow.


Mangroves are usually found in areas with extreme salinity, or at least they are here. I would not advise using such substances unless you are completely sure that others have had success growing either MJ or other plants using the soil you are referring to. Besides, it's just too easy to get an excellent quality mix at the local garden center/supermarket, so why would you bother with disease/insect/pest and all kinds of other things that comes when using soil from natural sources. Sure, it might grow well if you can get a good supply, but IMO it's just too easy to grow from a bag of potting mix, which you know will have what it says in it. :)


Anyway, as to the temps. This is an Aussie forum, we don't use the fahrenheit measurement here. We went metric with the rest of the civilised world. :D But, since I'm a nice guy, I've converted those temps and it's about 25 degrees as a high temp and 18 degrees as a low. Sounds just about perfect to me. :D


Seedlings can be slow growing sometimes, they don't necessarily explode too quickly. When the plants reach the true vegetative stage, that's when they'll take off. In the meantime, yeah, give em a mild feed, only about 1/4 strength at any time, perhaps 1/2 strength when it's a bit bigger. Never overdo it tho, and never fertilise a dry plant.


How big is the pot? This could be a restriction on the plants as well. Make sure they have ample root space, you may be due to pot up. You mentioned a 5 gallon pot, (once again, why should we bother converting if you don't?) for the mangrove soil, but nothing about the present pot. That will help. Be gentle in any transplanting procedure.


But it sounds like a seedling to me, they grow slowly at first, building up leaves and reserves to really stun you when they're mass gets going and they produce more cellulose per season than most other plants on the planet.


Take a look around the forums, check out the Grow Faq, the search function and have a look at some of the posts pointed to by various members sigs, as these usually are quite useful to potential growers. ;)


Good luck mate, happy growing.

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